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M5od to zf5 swap

Ford used a variety of 5 speed manual transmissions in their compact and full-size truck lines, beginning in the 's. Virtually all of these transmissions were outsourced and changed frequently, particularly in the compact lines. The main case has an integral bellhousing and is "top loader" style with lid over most of main case containing the shift rails.

The exterior is all aluminum. There is a "light duty" R1 version used by the compact trucks and a "medium duty" R2 version is used by the full size trucks. They are similar in design but have few parts in common. Even more, the division of Mazda that produces components like these transmissions is often referred by the original name for Mazda - Toyo Kogyo.

This would not be a big deal except that many Ranger used predecessors to the M5R1, known as TK4 and TK5, which are unrelated to the R1 but loosely referred to as Toyo Kogyo trans. And so it is best focus on the model and year rather than the brand. The R1 is easily discerned from other Ranger 5 speed transmissions by the solid main case with integral bellhousing ; the earlier TK's and Mitsubishi units have separate bellhousings and bolt-on oil pans. We offer complete aftermarket short throw shifter kits for all models listed; please refer to the Shifters page to find your model.

We are interested in developing a shifter for the BT50 ; if you are interested, email us. This page is primarily to discuss the shifter aspects between the North American truck models.

The easiest way to differentiate an R1 from an R2 is by shifter position on the lid.

Mazda M5OD transmission

For the R1, the shifter is located near the rear of the lid. For the R2, the shifter is located near the middle of the lid. The lid is not is the only difference, just the most obvious; in fact they share few common parts and within each model even there are significant changes every few years that make swapping difficult. But as far as the shifter is concerned, luckily we can simplify; there is an early and late version of each model defined by distance from stub tip to flange gasket :.

Due to the varying stub depths, it is critical to use the correct stub to achieve sufficient engagement for proper operation. If your trans is not original or has been rebuilt, it could require different shifter parts if the lid has been changed. If you don't have the correct stock stub to reference, measure from the shifter gasket surface to the bottom of the notch in the rail inside the trans and compare with the projection measurements in chart above.

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If you want to learn the finer nuances about the internal parts and other aspects of these transmissions, there are various sources across the web BUT beware that the information is not always reliable or may specify the wrong model years. One interesting source for M5R1 miscellany can be found here.

Ford M5OD truck trans info Ford used a variety of 5 speed manual transmissions in their compact and full-size truck lines, beginning in the 's. We offer complete aftermarket short throw shifter kits for all models listed; please refer to the Shifters page to find your model M5OD-R1 — Ford Ranger North America, all except 2.

But as far as the shifter is concerned, luckily we can simplify; there is an early and late version of each model defined by distance from stub tip to flange gasket : Model Years Stock stub length overall Projection below gasket R1 mm 70 mm mm Bronco Full Size Engine.Skip to content.

m5od to zf5 swap

Forum rules. I'm building a six for it. The truck orignally had a 3 speed and I'm not very happy with it cause i do alot of highway driving and need OD. I picked up a M5OD out of a F with all the pedals and bracketry, the clutch and the master cylinder. I'm wondering if anyone has ever swapped one of these transmissions into a 70's truck? The pedals look close to bolting up but i'm worried they wont fit to support the dash. I'm also hoping there is room to cut a hole in the firewall to run the master cylinder through.

If your just going to drive it throw a set of 2. The M5OD is a turd anyways. Even running on 3 cylinders upside down without oil or coolant they'll still pull a locomotive up a hill, albeit at 5 mph OK so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea You would be better off adapting the clutch master cylinder to your stock 77 pedals.

It takes some fabricating but it's still simpler then trying to get the newer pedals to work in your cab. The clutch master cylinder would mount between the brake mastercylinder and the engine. The one in my 93 broke inside a scrap yard. The nice people let me leave the truck there and fix it inside.

You can't just buy a new plastic pushrod anywhere. You have to buy a new darn MC. White 09 Ranger 2wd 2. I estimate the car will weigh in at about lbs or so.

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The truck has a 9in with 3. I know its not a really heavy duty transmission but I think it should be ok as I would be driving this truck to work, mostly highway miles. But it was cheap and worked great in my friend's truck. I'll have to get the pedals out and see how I can adapt the master cylinder to the 77's brackets.

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I think trying to retrofit the newer trucks pedals to my cab would be difficult, as they are cast aluminum. I think the pushrod is steel, but I'll check it out.

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Thanks for the idea's! But you will need to add a plate aluminum or steel to each side of the firewall where you'll be mounting the clutch master. You'll want the plates to be quite a bit larger then the actual bolt pattern. This will help keep the firewall from flexing and cracking where you install the clutch master.

I've also seen guys use angle iron to help stiffen up the firewall. The 3. Old Ford Addict.Skip to content.

a40d to zf5 transmission swap part 2

Moderator: Mod Squad. Forum rules. Ive heard people saying that the 4. You can also look up the trans code listed on your door VIN tag. I am wanting to get a lower axle ratio. With an overdrive so I can pull a trailer. Truck currently has a 17 code axle and haven't counted it but the axle coding says it's a 2. Depends how hard you need to pull? A lota guys beat up on the Mazda, it is a good trans, but not ideal for a pickup. Both have a Hyd. Had a warmed over F. To work it harder, would have to go with the ZF box.

Look for an 87? Thanks in advance. You think I would use one of these. But, I want Overdrive! It also uses an external clutch linkage not that idiotic annular slave cylinder that the ZF requires.

The ratios are a good bit wider than the ZF 6. Moving a cross member would be okay, just don't want to swap a lot of parts, yoke trouble, shorten or lengthen drive shafts et al. I have heard bad things about the 4 spd O. The one you pull yard we have access to does not have any vehicles that fit my needs. He emptied his yard of older stuff due to all the wrecked oilfield trucks he was getting!

My local yard will not let you pull or even go out and look around unless escorted.

m5od to zf5 swap

Jump to.Two variants, light-duty R1 and medium duty R2were made. The M5OD is fully synchronized on all gears, including reverse. The synchronized reverse gear was one of the main features of the new units, to protect internal components from being damaged by inadvertent operation by the customer, and was protected by US Patent 4, The transmission uses a hydraulic clutch setup and has an internal slave cylinder, which is a source of frustration for anyone having a slave cylinder failure, as it requires the entire transmission to be removed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Mazda Motor Corporation. United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Retrieved 13 July Categories : Ford transmissions. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.I have a M5OD from a newer bronco on the floor of my garage waiting for the right time to find it's way under Old Blue. I was just wondering if anyone has pieced together all the required parts for their swap or is BC Broncos offering the best deal in the end with their ZF kit.

Joined: Wed Feb 15, am Posts: 74 Location: colorado springs. This isn't really common swap as most people go ZF like I have. I just bought the plate and spline adapter and just bought the rest at oreillys.

If I had more time I would have built the cross member. Don't know a lot about them other than they are not super strong. I assume it was behind a 5. M5 isn't what most use, but He runs it instead of the zf because it has a better gear split for the diesel.

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I happen to agree on the gear split, my gas ratio zf has a very large jump between 2nd and 3rd, I'd love a closer ratio for my 4bt. I think it's all in how you drive it, the internet is full of people saying the same thing over and over that they read somewhere, most have no 1st hand experience. You'll have to sort out what transfer case you want to run. The np should bolt up, 31 spline and the correct round bolt pattern.

The D20 will require an adapter, I don't know if the zf adapter would work, I'd recommend a call to Advance Adapters if you are going that route.

A518 overdrive solenoid

You could buy a cross member kit, or just build your own. If you run the np it weighs twice what the D20 weighs, so you'll need to support it in addition to the usual trans crossmember. I plan on keeping a and figure this Tranny shoud do just fine strength wise.

I'm told that the Advance Adapters Kit will work and my plan is to run my existing Dana 20, I plan on rebuilding it. Making a crossmember isn't a huge deal, I have a good welder where I work, if anyone has dimensions already, that would be pretty cool though.

I'm trying to minimize downtime and do projects one weekend at a time since my Bronco is my daily driver. You could piece a setup together from the JY and save a bunch if you don't mind finding good used parts. A hand full of us have done the 5 speed swap now, look at bnut's setup and landshark's build for examples of crossmembers. Last visit was: Tue Jul 14, pm. Page 1 of 1.

m5od to zf5 swap

Previous topic Next topic. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.M5OD-R2: hydraulic clutch just like the ZF which i didnt like but for 0 for a transmission i figured i could try it and if it didnt work i wouldnt be out much and they were literally everywhere.

ZF5 7. Johnson's Gee-rage 91, views. You can find the identification tag on the left side of the transmission case.

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These smaller parts are specific to the zf5 crossmember. Im wondering if this is a realistic swap for me to do, I can build crossmembers and pull a motor. Trending at. Those engine are pretty tough ime. There are several good five speed transmissions to choose from. The shifter for the worked just fine on the ZF setup. A 2WD ZF can be had for fairly cheap if you look around.

Yeah in stock form the 4. Bendtsen's Speed Gems manufactures transmission adapters that allow the custom car builder to use a variety of engine and transmission combinations. The m and m engine shares the same big block pattern as the Unfollow zf 5 to stop getting updates on your eBay ZF5 is the more popular swap.

I've got a stock flywheel and clutch for the 6. The transmissions featured three forward gears and one reverse. Peterson auto 14, views. The internals are similar to the Jeep, IH and Chevy versions, but the front mounting pattern is quite different and not compatible with the other popular Dana 20 adapters and transmissions.

We carry conversion adapters for a variety of applications, such as converting a Cummins to a Ford 7. ZF Transmission Data Summary. They are both internal clutch slaves with the same connector. Early Small block V8 pattern. My ZF is around 5. Otherwise you need an adapter to the Dana Sep 14, at PM I have an offer for a 92' F - - ZF5 - 4x4 for 0.

So there's all the parts I'd need to swap to a ZF5.Welcome to the ClassicBroncos. To take advantage of all the forum features please take a moment to register. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today!

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact the admin. If you've lost your password click here. User Name Remember Me? Joined: Feb I was thinking of machining the shaft diameter to match the original and keep the seals.

I have the tranny and all the goodies but am I trying to do something kinda stupid? How do you plan to mate the 2wd tail shaft housing to the Dana 20 input side? I've got skills, ingenuity and no regard for maintaining any kind of historical preservation or authenticity My Dad called that sick and wrong www.

Not sure yet I was concerned about length first Most of the 2wd to 4x4 transmission conversions I know of have been automatics. Most likely you are on your own on this both in design and fabrication, or will be paying someone else for that, because as far as I know that has never been done before.

It would be cheaper and simpler to search for a 4x4 M5OD-R2, they were used in a lot of F trucks for many years. Not sure if you were exaggerating on the length remaining of the driveshaft, or not. But no, a 6" driveshaft is just not going to work unless you're going to lower the suspension, run a high-pinion rear end, and ditch the slip shaft.

The double-cardan yoke alone is longer than 6" by the time you weld it to something. Then the slip-yoke is longer than 6" long by the time it's welded to something.

m5od to zf5 swap

Even if you used just enough tube to connect the dots, you'd have a 12" to 18" shaft most likely. Just guessing off the top of my head of course. But it's not going to work. Now, if that was just an over-statement of the transmissions overall length I have no idea how long it is myself then maybe there is still room. But once you get there, you still have to make allowances for angles and such. Up to you of course, but that free-because-you-have-it transmission might turn out to be more expensive than buying another one and selling this one to help offset the cost.

Good luck. Whichever way you go, we want lots of pics! I wouldn't bother trying to make 2wd tranny work. ZF5 is the more popular swap. The M5OD bolts in just the same. Originally Posted by Btempy. Originally Posted by sykanr0ng.

Other than that I agree. Originally Posted by broncodriver


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